Participating artists:
Jamie Adams, Bo Bartlett, Roland Becerra, Harvey Citron, Will Cotton, Vincent Desiderio, Peter Drake, Ella Gant, Julie Heffernan, Catherine Howe, John Jacobsmeyer, Kurt Kauper, Tom Knechtel, Katharine Kuharic, Edward Schmidt, Mira Schor, Wade Schuman, John Sonsini, Robert Taplin, Caleb Weintraub. 



A group exhibition of artists’ sketchbooks, journals, drawings, and notations curated by Jamie Adams and Katharine Kuharic. 
Sketchbooks, journals, drawings, and notations of artists can often serve as a portal, granting us access into the private reaches of the artists’ thoughts, desires, wishes, and ideas–ofttimes at their inception.  With still formal and conceptual singularity and idiosyncratic to the artists who created them–these pieces overridingly find their shape and content via the artists’ purposes and intentions.
Selections have been made in consideration of diversity in media, process, and purpose. Recognizing the innumerable schemes for drawing, the works have been organized according to certain types or categories, such as thoughts, doodles, and concept sketches (pensees), preliminary and comprehensive studies (etudes), academic and life-drawings (academies), tracings and cartoons (cartons), and finished renderings (desseins arretes).
Jamie Adams

Venues: Center of Creative Art, St. Louis (2009); Hamilton College, NY (2009); New York Academy of Art, New York City (2010)